Letters: Coasthopper and Lynx, November 27, 2015

Lynx bus company in king's Lynn ANL-150122-104801001
Lynx bus company in king's Lynn ANL-150122-104801001
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I don’t know about others who live in the area served by bus routes 10,11,35 and Coasthopper, but I feel it is time Stagecoach and Lynx sat down together to sort out the fiasco that is our bus service.

In Heacham we have more buses than required. I am sure this is the same for the other villages also. Stagecoach took away the 11 to introduce the 12. This service just did not work on any level as it didn’t come to Hunstanton. They decided to re-instate it but not include Heacham, so we still need to catch two buses.

They then replaced a 10 with a CH1, this was originally the fastest way to get into Lynn.

After losing the Coasthopper to Cromer, they decided to go just to Wells. Lynx had won it but can only operate until November 20 when I assume they cannot continue.

Lynx decided to set up a new service which appears to have upset Stagecoach in Norfolk. Instead of being reasonable and accepting competition they have seemed to set on irritating everyone.

It is time they sat down together and worked out how best to make it work for themselves and the people who rely on them.

May I suggest Stagecoach reinstate the fast CH1, reroute the 11 through Heacham, offer two number 10s to the hospital and Lynx run in between the 10. That way we will have four buses through the villages, two to the hospital. People will still have the fast service to Lynn which will connect with the train arrival as before, and the 11 will service everyone. I for one have lost all faith in Stagecoach and use the Lynx buses whenever possible, the buses are always clean and smell fresh, the drivers although most were previously with Stagecoach, are more polite, I wonder why.

I realise this may all be confusing to the majority – well I am not surprised as we, the passengers, have been confused for months.

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