Letters; Colin Jex, February 27, 2015

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I wrote to you in June last year about the awful road connections from King’s Lynn to the rest of the county’s trunk road network.

I noticed the account in last week’s issue about Mr. Strudwick of Terrington St. Clement whose house was hit by a van. Mr. Strudwick is quite rightly calling for traffic calming measures in Terrington St Clement and received a brush-off from Norfolk County Council’s Highways. Did they not announce £300 million of road spending a few weeks back? Their priorities need examining!

A similar case, waiting for an accident to happen, is the A10 through West Winch. I was walking the pavement there last week. Two lorries were almost certainly speeding doing about 50mph and I was nearly knocked off my feet by the blast of air from their passing. There appears to be no enforcement of the speed limit. Does anyone think that this is a safe place for a cyclist or a child or someone pushing a pram? The A10 has been in dire need of traffic calming since even before the allowable size of lorries was increased many years ago. There are even B-roads in this country that are better suited to the volume of traffic on the A10.

No doubt County Hall would require another vacuous, jargon-filled traffic report before doing the obvious.

All over the UK there are ‘mini roundabouts’ – basically a large white spot in the middle of the road combined with a change of road priorities. These measures are relatively cheap and easy to implement. This would also contribute to prevention of ‘cross-over’ accidents because vehicles would be able to go to the next roundabout and return on the correct side of the road and this would break up the traffic flow making it easier for residents.

Of course I am only an occasional visitor to Lynn, but if I lived in Lynn and especially West Winch, I would not be putting up with such a supine county council without asking my local councillors what they intend to do about traffic calming and MPs what they intend to do about funding.

Colin Jex,

Carnforth, Lancs