Letters: Congham resident, March 6, 2015

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Mid Friday evening, my husband and I returned home after having supper at friends with friends; we arrived in our back garden to find our patio doors damaged and open.

And so the aftermath of the ‘bomb-shell’ began, even the expression bomb-shell does not even scratch the surface to the devastating consequences of your actions having; you forced yourself uninvited entry, ransacked our private home, left deviation physically but more permanently mentally scares. You took many irreplaceable personal and bequeathed items.

After crying for many hours, lying awaking for many more, scared of the dark and impossible to smile, do you realise these entrails that you have scarringly left?

You are a vile, despicable, sad, individual.

I thank the editor for publishing this letter, it scratches the surface towards repairing and returning our world to before your orchestrated unforgivable Friday night burglary and may prick the conscience of you or other burglars to stop and think what you do is so very wrong. (Still trying to sleep – with the light on!)