Letters: CR Stevenson, July 8, 2016

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As Mr Dearling suggests, (Lynn News, July 1, Fireworks would be fitting) what better way to celebrate the victory in a referendum, decided by a decidedly underwhelming majority of voters, than to waste precious public money on a fireworks display? Especially given that most fireworks are now imported from China.

Given that the ‘remarkable victory’ won by Mr Dearling and his like has lost the British economy millions of pounds already, I would have thought that suggesting a public collection on behalf of the NHS might have been more appropriate.

And as for his desire to set alight the rich, greedy, overpaid bureaucrats – well, mercy me!

There was I thinking that I was living in the 21st century, and that burning people at the stake was a medieval barbarism which we had long abandoned.

But clearly the spirit of Matthew Hopkins, Witch-finder General, lives on. And, were I to suggest that everyone who voted for Brexit was an idiot, Mr Dearling would, quite rightly, howl me down. However, he apparently regards it as acceptable to imply that all bureaucrats are rich, greedy, and overpaid.

Mr Dearling, like many others, is doubtless exulting in the fact that we have “regained control of our country”. Can I remind him that, at one stage we had full control of our own power and water supplies, a functioning national transport network and a series of other strategic industries, such as steel?

Then they were privatised and the shares passed on into the hands of globalised companies who, favoured by the Thatcher (and subsequent) governments, are now able to export money and jobs abroad at their will. So, not too much ability to control our sovereignty there then.

CR Stevenson, Wootton Road, Gaywood