Letters: Craig Reed, September 22, 2015

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After much back and forth with the old email I have finally been informed by Andrew Edmonds, of Freebridge, that they will not be replacing swings which they removed from PE36 5ED playground in Hunstanton.

Among the arguments, the main one seems to be that they are handing said area back to borough control, and also that the swings were vandalised and had to be removed.

But these are not any swings, these are the cradle swings for babies, toddlers, dollies and Frankie the Pug.

The area is slap bang in the middle of an infant-rich area of youngsters, now with even less to get them outdoors. I’m also smarting somewhat at the attitudes adopted by those I’ve come across. High-handed doesn’t really begin to describe it, especially as I insisted that we conduct everything via email so it’s all in writing and sitting in my saved email file.

Craig Reed

by email