Letters:, D Doig, April 21, 2015

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I am 74 years of age and have seen my beloved England change out of all proportion.

I have fostered many children and I still have a young 26 year-old girl, who is special needs, living with me who I adopted.

This young girl is in a relationship with a man older than her, which I believe is not a crime, and he suffers from grade 3 MS.

My daughter helps him in all his needs and makes his life more bearable and they are happy together.

This man lives in a block of flats in the Marsh Lane area of King’s Lynn.

When personnel are given positions of responsibility in organisations, they are issued with a book called excuses which they have to sit a written test on and have to get 60 per cent to pass.

I can say without hesitation that Freebridge Housing Association personnel have all passed this test first time.

Let me give the reason why I say this.

Over the last two years-plus, this man with Grade 3 MS – along with other residents in this block of flats – have had to endure endless days and nights of loud music coming from one resident who, by chance, happens to be a guest in our country from Eastern Europe.

Freebridge have been handed the log books of the time, date and disturbance factor.

Freebridge managed to lose one of these books and denied ever receiving it.

Freebridge installed noise equipment to this man’s flat that did not work, it was faulty.

Last week three representatives visited my home in respect of this problem, which went up a gear to the guest in our country making fun of my special needs adopted daughter.

Note three representatives. Why three, is there safety in numbers?

After a long discussion it became clear that the excuse book was implemented again which Freebridge have to abide by the rules and regulations.

Freebridge, your magazine states all the good things you have done but what about all the areas you fail in?

Freebridge, at this meeting, offered this man with MS Grade 3 a move to Massingham.

Why him, is this the easy option so as not to upset out foreign guest?

We have in this country a lot of worthy foreign people who contribute to our economy and they are decent people who live by our rules.

Why should the minority abuse our hospitality and make our country folk’s lives hell?

Wake up Freebridge Housing Association and educate this person about our standards or move her to Massingham.

With local elections on the horizon this is the first challenge on the next councillors’ list to sort out if possible

Mrs D Doig

Marsh Lane, Lynn