Letters: D Hillier, January 17, 2017

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It’s very refreshing that your online pages have a Your Say section, but what is unfortunate are the inane and often inflammatory comments made by stupid and ill-informed posters.

There are those that just leave snide comments from the side-lines who contribute absolutely nothing but whose only intention is to have a dig at genuine comments left by real people. Trolls, I believe is are how they are defined. What a shame that genuine people can’t leave comments because they feel they will be attacked and trolled by these individuals who obviously think they are being clever, which sadly, they are not.

A lot of these comments have been racist and bigoted in their content or in the case or one ‘wordsmith’ have been blatantly aggressive, obsessive and bordering on libellous and illegal.

Such a shame that a genuine platform of discussion has been hijacked by these idiots. Still at least they seem to be happy.

Don’t feed the trolls!

D Hillier, by email