Letters: D Holland, February 27, 2015

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The Tories must be delighted to see their latest grubby smear – a crudely photo-shopped poster pretending to show Ed Miliband, Alex Salmond and Gerry Adams together – achieving so much publicity.

Unfortunately what is clearly a lie is being spread throughout the land by many a self-proclaimed patriot. Their style of letter writing is nothing new in the world of devious manipulation of the electorate as favoured by the Conservative Party and its followers.

Here’s a quick guide for the aspiring self-righteous. Firstly, establish one’s right to the moral high-ground, and once that position is secured, you are safe to unleash barrage of political depravity without fear of being rumbled.

On the subject of patriotism, this phoney outrage about the fabricated meeting might have more credibility if the complainers also had something to say about the tens of thousands of current armed forces personnel who have lost or are in line to lose their jobs at the hands of this government. Of course there is a deafening silence on that subject.

David Cameron makes much of the military covenant, but his hollow words are cold comfort for the casualties of his austerity.

D Holland,

by email