Letters: D Munkenbeck, August 23, 2016

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EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
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I am becoming a little tired of the repeated letters from I Christie who is obviously aggrieved at the result of the EU referendum.

It seems that in his opinion any person who voted to leave is some feeble-minded halfwit who was sucked in by “lies” perpetrated by the “Leave” campaigners. What about the propaganda spread by the Remainers? I for one was not taken in by the doom mongers – I had made up my mind long before the referendum, as had many other people I spoke to. I would also like to mention that I am not a “racist”, “bigot” or “xenophobic” or any other labels that have been applied to those who want to leave the bureaucratic nightmare that is the EU.

D Munkenbeck, Kingscroft, Dersingham