Letters: D Munkenbeck, September 9, 2016

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I am sorry that my recent letter has invoked another diatribe from Mr Christie.

I did study the arguments put forward by the Remainers but nothing I read made me change my point of view. Were the points they made based on facts? As no other country has left the EU yet they could only have been based on guesswork. He states that my early decision should be of concern to us all, when what should be of concern is the thousands of able-bodied young men massing in Calais with the sole intention of reaching the UK by fair means or foul, often resorting to violence which our French ‘partners’ seem unable (or unwilling) to do anything about. Regarding the “massive difficulties” that will arrive after Brexit, what is that based on – proven facts? I often wonder how the UK managed to survive before we joined what became the EU. The kind advice given to us by the soon-to-be-replaced President Obama does not seem to have been backed up by US industrialists, according to reports. However, I have no wish to continue corresponding on this subject, which will no doubt go on ad infinitum. I just hope the Government gets on with carrying out the wishes of the majority of the citizens who voted in the referendum.

D Munkenbeck, Kingscroft, Dersingham