Letters: D Robins, January 20, 2015

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I would like to object in the strongest possible terms towards the proposed access road to connect Edward Benefer Way to Lynnsport and the

proposed new developments in the area!

My main concern at this time is the access road, as I’ve been told that plans for this are happening much sooner than most people were led to believe.

I live at the bottom of Spencer Road, where, some years ago, I bought my house in a quiet cul-de-sac. Since then the road has been opened up to allow access to a development of houses at Marsh Lane (north) and Nuttall Crescent etc.

Myself and my neighbours objected at the time, with the amount of traffic coming through our main concern

but to no avail. We were assured at the time that it would not be used as a ‘rat run’.

I now defy anybody to stand at the front of my house during rush hour and tell me that this is not the case.

The volume of traffic using it as a short cut from the queueing traffic on Edward Benefer Way is enormous.

D Robins,

Tamarisk, Spencer Road, Lynn