Letters: D Wilkes, August 8, 2015

The Hanse House Spitfire on the Spitfire Trail. ANL-150719-122322009
The Hanse House Spitfire on the Spitfire Trail. ANL-150719-122322009
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Call me old-fashioned – and I’ll more than likely get hate mail for this – but what is the point of this Vancouver Quarter Spitfire trail?

At the very least, the sight of these models languishing on the floors of dusty, unused shop units is incredibly disrespectful, as is the various painted models stapled to trees and posts throughout the town.

Seriously, has anyone taught and explained to these children (whom I presume this is aimed at) the incredible sacrifice these young pilots took on in the face of incredible odds? Those that survived were few and very “lucky”, those that didn’t were captured, crashed or suffered horrific burns and faced tumultuous upheavals in their lives.

And for what? To have their achievements reduced to such trivialities as having their planes painted neon pink or hi-viz lemon, with absolutely no reference to their amazing success?

Perhaps the Vancouver Quarter would do better to educate the children of the sacrifice of these brave young men, rather than reduce their legacy to a cartoon-like, nursery school art activity.

Let our war heroes have some dignity and respect.

D. Wilkes