Letters: D Wilks, August 28, 2015

The Hanse House Spitfire on the Spitfire Trail. ANL-150719-122322009
The Hanse House Spitfire on the Spitfire Trail. ANL-150719-122322009
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In reply to Bob Edgeley’s letter, I put to him he is the one being disrespectful, calling me misguided and misinformed amongst others.

I didn’t realise these pages were a platform for personal insults. It is patently obvious he hadn’t read and or understood the tone of my letter. I quite categorically stated that I had nothing but total respect for those brave men who took part in the aerial battles of the Second World War and that’s why I find the trivialisation of their representation in gaudy neon pink and poppy decorations (amongst irrelevant other designs) so totally tasteless and offensive to their legacy.

So the money went to charity, good, but so what? Why couldn’t these ‘sponsors’ just give to a good cause regardless of this ornamentation?

The whole thing belittles their tremendous sacrifice and reduces it to a childish game. As I said in my original piece, it would be better to educate the children about these brave young men in a factual and accurate manner and not in a silly, sugar-coated fancy such as this. Warfare is not pretty and should not be reduced to a childish irreverence.

Also, please note, Mr Edgeley, I have not insulted you, a politeness you did not afford to me.

D Wilks

by email