Letters: Dan O’Connor, March 29, 2016

QEH General Views of the outside of the hospital ANL-150525-110941009
QEH General Views of the outside of the hospital ANL-150525-110941009
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The recent news reports that A&E units are close to collapse, whilst they are truly shocking, are no surprise.

This Government, its ministers and many of its MPs, seem to be in total denial about the unprecedented crisis that successive political administrations have now created by their constant ham-fisted mismanagement of our National Health Service.

One of the reasons why A&E units are close to collapse is that under-funded GP surgeries throughout the country cannot cope with the growing demand from patients, who in turn have no option but to seek help from A&E departments. We’re told by the Health Minister that the Government is increasing funding to GP surgeries, yet rather than increases in funding, we know that surgeries up and down the country are actually having their funding cut by NHS England, leading the BMA to report recently that 300 surgeries nationwide are now at risk because of chronic under-funding. As it is, nearly 200 surgeries have had to close in the last year alone, and more closures are threatened on an almost daily basis. Allowing this scandalous situation in our A&E units and GP surgeries to continue, will place even more patients’ lives at risk. That cannot be allowed to happen: this Government must ensure extra resources are made available immediately. The reality is that the NHS is under-funded right across the board despite constant spin to the contrary by Government ministers. The Government pleads poverty yet we see, with incredulity, that David Cameron has no difficulty whatsoever in casually finding £500 million of UK taxpayers’ money to bribe Turkey into ‘solving’ the EU’s migrant crisis.

MPs and patients must now press this Government for an urgent, comprehensive and politically independent enquiry into the manner in which the NHS is being funded and managed.

Dan O’Connor, Nile Road, Downham