Letters: Dan O’Connor, October 31, 2014

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Many readers will have been appalled, as I was, by the demand that the EU has made for the UK to pay a €2 billion ‘adjustment’ to Brussels by December 1 – a 20 per cent increase in Britain’s yearly contributions to the EU.

That €2 billion is in addition to the £50 million of British taxpayers’ money paid every day for the privilege of continuing to subsidise, and remain a member of the European Union ! We’re told that this ‘adjustment’ will actually reduce the amount that Germany (the richest EU country) pays to the EU by almost €1 billion per year. And it will also reduce the amount that France pays. How crazy is that ?

The Government tells us that we will only be allowed a vote on EU membership in three years time, after it has ‘renegotiated’ unspecified ‘better terms’ with the EU.

The EU has already made it clear what it thinks of our proposed ‘renegotiation’ and ‘better terms’: they won’t happen. So why are we prepared to waste over €30 billion more in EU contributions, by waiting until 2017 for a referendum, when we could have one now?

Even the EU’s own auditors have refused to sign off its accounts for the last 19 years, which is outrageous. This is our money.

It is being spent with unbelievable foolishness by our Government and by the EU. We get precious little back for it except aggravation, interference in the way we run our country and more and more legislation imposed on us by a foreign parliament.

We want a referendum on EU membership, and we want it urgently not in three years time.

Dan O’Connor,

Downham Market