Letters: Daniel Clark, September 2, 2016

North Lynn litter ANL-160830-104844001
North Lynn litter ANL-160830-104844001
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I contacted West Norfolk Council about littering.

I live on London Road in Downham and a car pulled into my drive to turn round, the driver opened his door and dumped the remains of a kebab on the public footpath outside my house before reversing out and leaving. I noted the car registration number and I also have very good HD cctv of the car and driver. I phoned the general enquiries at the council, who said that it’s not really down to them and call the police. I called 101 and told them what the council had said and they said,no it’s definitely the Environmental Health department at the council who would deal with this and it should be them who issue a fine.

I go through the phone system and get through to the Environmental Health team and get exactly the same person – who again tells me there is nothing they can do. If there is no deterrent on people who litter then you can’t really blame people for doing it?

Daniel Clark, Downham