Letters: Darren Taylor, March 6, 2015

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F Thomas in Tuesday’s Lynn News is mistaken on a number of points. For a start, the Vancouver Quarter is a privately-owned shopping centre with no connection with West Norfolk Council.

It is also wrong to write about “lots of empty shops”.

In fact King’s Lynn town centre has one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country.

This is particularly impressive given the pressures on the town centre from a proliferation of out of town developments.

Town centre footfall figures increased significantly in 2014 which, I would argue, proves them wrong to talk about ‘a lack of progress’.

King’s Lynn town centre has much to be proud of with significant recent investment to the Tuesday and Saturday Market Places along with the imminent improvements to the Town Hall and the bus station redevelopment.

A number of organisations including the council, the Town Centre Partnership and the Vancouver Quarter themselves are working hard to attract new visitors to the town as well as to ensure our existing town shoppers have a more pleasurable experience.

F Thomas is welcome to contact me to arrange to attend a meeting of the Town Centre Partnership to see just how much energy and effort goes into this.

Darren Taylor,

Chairman, King’s Lynn Town Centre Partnership