Letters: David Costin, August 11, 2015

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As one who has stood against Alistair Beales for the Gayton ward, his adherence to Jeremy Corbyn is surprising.

During the recent local elections, the candidates clearly stated their positions, the voters made their choice and, on the day, Alistair won handsomely.

This was politics in the sunshine, open and fair. If Alistair has gate-crashed the Labour Party’s internal leadership election, then this is politics in the shadows, deceitful and unfair. On the other hand, if Councillor Beales is a genuine convert to the belief that Mr Corbyn represents the best future for our country, then he should follow the excellent example of Douglas Carswell, the UKIP MP for Clacton, who, when he changed parties, consulted his electorate in a by-election to ensure they approved.

David Costin