Letters: David Fleming, August 9, 2016

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Recently Owen Smith MP, a challenger to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, laid out his vision for a future Labour government, if elected as leader.

One of his policy main planks is to abolish the Department of Works and Pensions and amalgamate it into a new department called the Ministry for Labour, incorporating Social Security. I am old enough to remember a Government department called the Labour Exchange catering for job seekers and benefit payouts. Decades ago it was a Conservative party administration which removed the name Labour Exchange to more neutral titles such as Employment and Social Security. This was to counter the misguided belief of early immigrants that the old name was the Labour Party Exchange and they voted accordingly. Could there be a Socialist agenda to turn matters full circle by setting up the Ministry of Labour? It appears very suspicious!

History has shown that all political parties have shifted policies over the passage of time, but inside the Westminster bubble the shiftiness of many politicians hasn’t changed in 2016. This new gimmick is a Freudian slip which demonstrates that the Labour Party has no plans to sensibly control immigration despite Brexit. It is legalised political gerrymandering

David Fleming, Downham