Letters: David Fleming, January 13, 2016

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Your correspondent Michael Warden wrote a truthful and realistic letter on the Israeli occupied territories, (Lynn News, Jan 6).

It was refreshing to see a Zionist perspective printed, given the anti-Semitic culture of many nations. Criticism was quite rightly apportioned to Theresa May for complying with Resolution 2334 calling for “ the cessation of building in occupied territories”. It was a former British Prime Minister who called for the restoration of an Israeli state in 1917 through the Balfour Declaration, and later in 1948 Britain played a pivotal role in re-establishing Israel as a nation. This was hardly a natural sequel on the part of the current PM, who was probably advised by her appeasing Foreign Office. America broke with decades of custom and practice which entailed vetoing any resolution detrimental to Israel. Let us remind ourselves that the occupied territories came about through the Six Day War in 1967, when a group of Arab nations attempted to obliterate Israel, led by Nassar Hussain of Egypt, who publicly pledged to remove this nation completely. In 2017 Iran are uttering the same threats. These territories essentially are defence zones. On Sunday, January 15, 70 nations are gathering in Paris for a summit to discuss the future of Israel. On the agenda is recognition of Palestine as a legitimate state. If this passes, there are still a few days left for the outgoing Obama administration to fast-track an emergency UN resolution accordingly. If upheld, it would be irrevocable, placing Donald Trump in an invidious position who is mindful of the Jewish background of many Americans. An option would be to move the USA Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem with all its ramifications. History might show that it was President Obama who was the warmonger.

David Fleming, Paradise Court, Downham Market