Letters: David Fleming, January 16, 2015

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Jo Rust (Letters, January 9) quite accurately points out the achievements of Labour on the NHS and welfare state to look after the weak in our society.

Aneurin Bevan was the architect of the National Health Service, and Hugh Gaitskell was instrumental in securing decent child allowances for families. These two people were statesmen in a party founded on Christian principles, who looked after the country, unlike politicians namely Ed Miliband and Ed Balls who are looking after the next election.

Compare this with Labour today and the NHS! The controversy over Mid Staffs Trust and GPs’ contracts is common knowledge, but the centre of attention must focus on the current parlous state of the service in Wales, run by the same party.

An example of this is Ann Clwyd, MP for Cynon Valley (Lab). This decent Labour Party stalwart suffered the heartache of watching her late husband die a painful death through negligence and lack of care. I found her testimony soul destroying!

When she went public about him being “allowed to die like a battery hen”, her own Welsh party demonised her. If Labour can bully one of its own grandees, what chance do the rest of us have if they gain complete control of the national NHS? Ask David after the way his brother Ed pipped him in a leadership battle!

Where was the compassion of socialism?

If Jo still feels the Labour Party looks after the working classes, she should look no further than the recent Rochester and Strood bye election, when the wealthy Emily Thornberry, MP turned up from the opulence of Islington and patronizingly took a photo of ‘white van man’s’ terrace house. How would she have handled a bacon butty as opposed to a champagne breakfast?

It is a different party from the days of Ramsey McDonald where the vulnerable found a new beginning.

Contrast this now with a metropolitan/metrosexual party which caters for the sectional interests of the Primrose Hill thinkers to the pay, conditions and pensions of senior public sector workers.

David Fleming,

Downham Market