Letters: David Fleming, July 26, 2016

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West Norfolk and the United Kingdom at large has voted to leave the European Union, but the debate continues to be unrelenting and unabating, with sections of the remain camp displaying discernable and even blatant resentment at the result.

I have written to this column and other periodicals regularly giving reasons for leaving the EU, including the fast tracking of Turkey to join the union, and already within a matter of weeks the Brexiteers are being vindicated, particularly with this nation’s ill fortunes. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that last March in an initial package of £5 billion from European tax payers including Britain, the EU gave the Turkish Government visa free travel for 78 million of its citizens across mainland Europe in return for migrant movement control to Greece.

As a result of the failed military coup against President Erdogan’s theocratic Government, in an attempt to restore secularism, Turkey has become a more unstable country with the potential to fan the flames more in the Middle East at large. A bigger political vacuum will inevitably be exacerbated by an ambivalent Russia.

The increased chaos in Turkey which threatens the EU deal, coupled with a shambolic EU migration policy, can only lead to more demographic movement with the resultant upheaval of host nations across Europe.

By coming out of Europe Britain will be able to extricate itself from a mess with its European neighbours by insisting on more control of our borders, especially for economic and cultural reasons.

The Brexit proponents have taken a commanding one nil lead over the remain idealists!

David Fleming, Downham Market