Letters: David Fleming, March 17, 2015

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Mike Larcey wrote in defence of the Bishops (Letters, March 10) but misquoted me as saying the bishops should restrict themselves to preaching the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this coming Easter.

I was advocating the crucifixion and events surrounding it as a part of Christianity which is pivotal to the faith.

When Mike brought up the ‘equality’ argument he made no reference to the Biblical definition of it being that every human being is a sinner. It was sin which engendered the crucifixion!

The gentleman brackets the Lib Dems and UKIP as right wing, which defies logic.

It leads me to ask how far to the left he really is, and in his denunciation of right wingers, does he view the New Testament as a socialist agenda?

The far left can be as intolerant as the far right! This aspect of ‘equality’ is something the politically correct will not talk about.

David Fleming,