Letters: David Holland, September 13, 2016

Farming tractor spraying a field PPP-150819-135719001
Farming tractor spraying a field PPP-150819-135719001
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Interestingly no one has replied to The Big Eye on August 23. Perhaps people agreed with what was printed.

Most things in life are not as they first seem. Of the £6 billion ‘handed out’ annually to UK farmers, half goes on schemes to protect the environment, leaving only £3 billion for subsidising food production. Subsidies are necessary because farm incomes have not kept pace with inflation – it’s nothing to do with buying more Range Rovers.

Hence 50 years ago, a new bungalow cost £2,000 and farmers were paid £25 per ton for wheat.

Nowadays farmers are getting £125 per ton for wheat, whereas a modest bungalow in Lynn will set you back well over £200,000. Readers need to be clear that UK farmers produce some 60 per cent of the food consumed by 100 per cent of the population.

In fact, the £3 billion given to farmers to feed the nation of 66 million people looks like good value compared to the £9.3 billion in housing benefit subsidy gifted to private landlords to house about 1.5 million households last year.

Of course, the present government prefers to line the pockets of private landlords rather than investing in building the affordable homes that people desperately need, which is unsurprising if you consider that 39 per cent of Conservative MPs are also landlords.

David Holland, Oaklands Farm, Litcham