Letters: David Holmes, April 19, 2016

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EU flag. EMN-160223-103536001
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On the subject of the forthcoming referendum, few writers to this newspaper appear to comprehend what the EU really is.

Jean Monnet, its founding father had one major objective – political union followed by the formation of a European superstate. Nothing has changed. The electorates of the EU’s members have been skilfully brainwashed to believe it’s all about trade and economics. It is not. It’s all about politics. Prior to voting in the referendum the question voters should ask is whether we want the UK to become a region of a ‘United States of Europe’ governed by an unelected committee, or do we wish to maintain our own sovereignty with a democratically elected government we can vote to change every five years? As one state in a US of Europe, the UK would have about as much influence in Brussels as Rhode Island USA has in Washington DC!

Having just commemorated the one hundredth anniversary of Ireland’s Easter Rising which led to home rule, it beggars belief that our current third-rate politicians are planning to surrender the UK’s democracy to the totalitarians of Brussels.

We can see what’s happening with the Tories but where does the Labour Party stand on all this? Limp with indifference it seems.

The party that gave its full support to Churchill in 1940 is but a shadow of its ugly old self. Would Ernest Bevin, Hugh Gaitskell or Anthony Wedgewood Benn have sat back and watched their country’s political suicide? I don’t think so.

David Holmes, Nethergate Street, Harpley