Letters: David Holmes, August 8, 2015

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Jo Rust’s recent failure to get her facts right in suggesting Holkham, not Houghton, was the home of Robert Walpole was careless especially for a would-be Labour MP.

Her admiration for these great national treasures, the achievement of generations of aristocratic endeavour and good taste, is touching coming as it does from a “Leftie”!

However, I wonder if she realises that it was the truly vicious inheritance tax regime of Clement Attlee’s 1945 Labour government which resulted in the destruction of literally thousands of similar great country houses.

It was only because the Cokes and Cholmondeleys were sufficiently astute that Holkham and Houghton are here today, still privately owned outside the grips of the National Trust. Oxburgh Hall, for example, came within an ace of being demolished.

I’ve forgotten which Socialist minister it was who infamously said: “We will squeeze the rich until the pips squeak.”

I’m not sure which candidate Jo Rust favours for the Labour leadership, but Jeremy Corbyn seems well equipped to pursue the politics of envy.

It’s perhaps ironic that Jo Rust’s recent attempt to get elected was in major part foiled by the stunning performance of UKIP’s Toby Coke, the late Lord Leicester’s cousin.

David Holmes

Nethergate Street, Harpley