Letters: David Holmes, March 13, 2015

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Judging by the frequency with which you publish letters from Jo Rust, Labour’s prospective Parliamentary candidate, one might be forgiven for believing the Lynn News has a distinct Left Wing bias!

However, this troubles me far less than the recent intrusions into politics by leading members of the Church of England.

I believe the Archbishop of Canterbury should remember the fate which befell one of his more troublesome predecessors Thomas à Becket.That he and his bishops have the temerity to recommend that we increase our ties with the EU has me reaching for my sword!

It’s a pity Prime Minister Cameron, or better still our respected Queen, couldn’t rebuke the tiresome Archbishop in the way her doughty Tudor namesake Queen Elizabeth I did when one of her more tiresome bishops overstepped the mark.

This is what she was reputed to have said: “Proud Prelate pray remember who you were before I made you what you are. Desist or I’ll defrock you, by God!”

I have this message for Archbishop Welby and his meddling bishops.

There’ll be no more donations to the village church from this voter (what I would have given to the Church is now going to UKIP, our only hope of Salvation!).

Also see what contributions you get from your Labour “luvvies”? I suspect you may well discover their “religion” is the NHS rather than the Church of England.

David Holmes,

St Lawrence House,