Letters: David holmes, March 18, 2016

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There is a book that should be read by all who care about the future of Great Britain, especially for their children and grandchildren.

In Dark Albion, a requiem for the English, author David Abbott depicts a country which in the near future will have become totally unrecognisable to its current majority Anglo Saxon population. The ceaseless influx of millions of people of an alien ideology is changing our community and cultural landscape at an alarming rate. The ghettoisation of our country is already well under way. Rather strangely David Cameron and Angela Merkel have both admitted publicly that multiculturalism isn’t working but have done little to discourage it! Multiculturalism never has, and never can, work when it involves an ideology whose ultimate objective is domination of the host country. The problem in Britain is that there is much misunderstanding over the differences between religion, race and ideology. Needless to say there’s little we can do to defend our culture while we remain in the EU.

At least if we vote out we can stem the flow and be selective of who we admit.

David Holmes, Nethergate Street, Harpley