Letters: David Holmes, October 31, 2014

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It is easy to dismiss the terrific impact that UKIP are having upon the electorate, weasel words spill out of the mouths of those MPs who regard themselves as “The Establishment”.

Frequently we hear Conservatives bleating that a vote for UKIP is a vote for Miliband, what utter nonsense!

The Conservatives have the extraordinary belief that only they have the ability to rule and will persistently repeat this claim between now and the election.

It is the failure of the two mainstream parties to connect with the electorate that has brought about the rise of UKIP. For too long they have been ignored, their opinions seem not to count.

Only now after a drubbing in the recent by-elections do we hear the now familiar phrase “we must listen to the people it’s a wake-up call”, but it is too late. It is summed up by the former Tory MP and current Times journalist, Matthew Parris, who has stated that the voters of Clacton got it wrong, basically saying that they are too stupid too understand the merits and achievements of Mr Cameron. Clearly this man, along with most of the Tory hierarchy, are on another planet. They seem oblivious to the fact that they and their ilk are the best recruiting sergeants UKIP has.

Locally, we see the Conservatives in meltdown, in Gt Yarmouth members have either left or resigned whilst at West Norfolk Borough Council the group has split with many defections amidst leadership problems; at County Council the group is totally lacking direction. What of Labour? Presumably, they must be desperately hoping for a miracle to save them in their Northern heartland, following UKIP’s stellar performance in Manchester.

At the same time UKIP are proving themselves. Watching the UKIP conference the Eastern region MEP Stuart Agnew, their agricultural spokesman, was forthright and direct in his delivery which showed he was capable and fully

conversant with his brief.

UKIP at Norfolk County Council were instrumental in bringing back democracy by pushing for the Committee system and terminating the incinerator contract and they are now responsible for chairing two of the four service committees. Ukip are working for and are in tune with the electorate, unlike Elizabeth Truss MP for South West Norfolk who is obviously so out of her depth as a minister and local MP. It was excruciating to watch her speech at the Tory conference and on a recent Sunday

Politics programme.

A shake up of British politics is long overdue, UKIP may well hold the balance of power in 2015 but with the added prospect of gaining many more Local Government seats. The impact of UKIP is galvanising the electorate by reaching out to those who have felt disenfranchised and exploited for too long. UKIP is in the process of smashing the status quo.

Until recently a longtime Conservative voter I am rapidly losing faith!

David Holmes,

Terrington St Clement