Letters: David Newman, Aguust 11, 2015

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At last! The Civic Society has formally been advised to move away from the pier, railway, and other “impossible causes”. (Turnstone, August 4)

What is this obsession withHenry le Strange? Hunstanton is no longer a 19th century seaside resort and the John Maiden “objectionables” were constructed in a different era to the Le Strange period.

The days of trainloads of day trippers flocking to the town are long gone, and whilst the pier would still be a major attraction, the cost of building one would still be prohibitive, and, as everyone knows, Lottery grants would not be forthcoming due to the fact that the present occupiers of the site would have to be compensated. Lottery funds are not available for litigation purposes.

Finally, I would suggest that the Searle family has contributed far more to the town than Turnstone has given them credit for.

David Newman