Letters: David newman, July 31, 2015

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How refreshing it is to read the Letters page in the Lynn News, and to note the wide range of views from a cross section of the population in the area.

Compare this with the letters page of the Daily Mail, a newspaper traditionally biased towards the extreme right wing of the Conservative Party.

Up until the GeneralElection, the Mail, sensing a possible Labour victory, pulled out all the stops to ridicule the opposition leader, referring to him as Red Ed. Letters pages were full of warnings of financial ruin if Labour was elected. I would expect ninety per cent of Mail regular readers would have voted Tory anyway, so why did the columnists deem it necessary to ridicule the other parties instead of attempting to present a more balanced viewpoint?

What particularly angered me was the revelation that hospital trusts had been instructed not to employ extra nursing staff at weekends, but to pay agency companies to fill any shortfall in care workers. Thousands of pounds were paid to these companies, some of which had made significant donations to the Tory party! This story was hardly touched on by the Mail, but featured in one of the independent papers.

So why do I buy the Mail? Because my wife likes the women’s pages!

I read and enjoy all the columnists, even Turnstone, in the Lynn News and wish it was published more than twice weekly.

David Newman