Letters: David Newman, June 23, 2015

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Now that an offer of money from McCarthy and Stone for use of the car park by the builders has been accepted by the council, any hopes that this awful project would be rejected has finally disappeared.

I do not know how much is involved, but it will not cost the developer, as this outlay will simply be added to the price of the properties.

I recently withdrew my criticism of the Civic Society on its apparent inaction on this matter in the belief that members would do their best to prevent such a catastrophic blot on the sea view from the town.

It now appears that “strongly worded” letters from Councillors Murray and Bird have had about as much impact as a slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce!

I have also accused the Civic Society of elitism, and am beginning to wonder if some members will be secretly pleased to welcome well-heeled newcomers to the town while opposing low cost housing on the proposed Hopkins site.

David Newman