Letters: David Newman, November 13, 2015

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As a local resident John Maiden (Turnstone, November 4) is perfectly entitled to protest about having a large housing estate on his doorstep, spoiling his view over open countryside.

However he doesn’t mention this in his opposition to the proposed Hopkins development. Perhaps he should include another aerial photo of the site with arrows pinpointing how he and others opposed to the development would be

disadvantaged aesthetically and financially. Prime Minister David Cameron is insisting that more affordable homes should be built but organisations such as civic societies will fight against it, suggesting

alternative sites that will not affect the amenities of associates in their locality.

I have criticised Hunstanton Civic Society before on calling a public meeting to try to discredit the proposed development which in fact will affect relatively few people adversely.

Elected councillors designated as planning officers should have the final say where much-needed housing will be built, protecting the privacy of influential residents considered but finally disregarded for the whole community.

David Newman, Hunstanton