Letters: David Newman, November 25, 2014

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Short term memory loss is not uncommon in people of Turnstone’s age.

Repeating over and over again the same statements is another unfortunate trait at this age.

Perhaps if he were to keep a written record of the number of times he has reminded

readers of the Lynn News about Hunstanton Pier it may help him.

MP Henry Bellingham must be sick and tired of Turnstone’s demands that the owners should be forced to demolish it. The litigation costs would be prohibitive as the legal department have repeatedly advised him. I have recently been talking to former council members who confirm that the owners offered to rebuild the pier on the condition that it incorporate amusement

arcades to offset the cost of maintenance etc.

This was rejected by Civic Society as they wanted an Environment Centre with a Victorian tea room (non profit making).

At 80-years-old I am guilty of repeating myself on this subject. I hope the editor will allow me the same excuse of being old and forgetful!

David Newman,