Letters: David Newman, October 9, 2015

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Dick Melton (Lynn News, September 29) has the perfect solution for a new Hunstanton pier – build it on the old Kit Kat site, which is ideally suited for such a structure.

This would absolve the council from having to pay millions of pounds to purchase and demolish the entertainment centre on The Green. Such a straightforward plan to build a pier from scratch without having to pay any compensation to the owners of this building may find sympathetic response from

sponsors such as Lottery Funding. Revenue from commercial kiosks would help

towards maintenance and the walkways would be a tremendous attraction for the town

Unfortunately there will be little or no support from the Civic Society for this as their main objective is simply to demolish the present building and restore it to grass!

Turnstone has gone on record to say that he wasn’t bothered about a pier, all he and his colleagues want is demolition but this would now be unnecessary. If councillors consider a similar plan I would suggest excluding HCS members

from planningmeetings to ensure a sensible time scale and avoiding inevitable delaying tactics!

David Newman