Letters: David Newman, September 29, 2015

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Hunstanton ENGANL00120130125165551
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Hunstanton Civic Society wants to pull down the building on the Green after millions of pounds was spent buying it! How is it that 41 people can insist that they represent the majority of residents and visitors in this area?

Sitting near the bandstand on a summer Sunday afternoon I see hundreds of people passing through its doors, I would venture to suggest 10 times as many as those visiting the civic centre. Yes, the building is a bit garish but worse than the dreadful flats next to the Golden Lion? Possibly not.

Has it occurred to those 41 members that someone might organise a “Save our Bowling Alley” petition? There might be a group protesting about spending all that money when more important things are needed. Having purchased and demolished it, people will ask, “Where is the pier?”

Another campaign will be needed for this. Again, the civic society will insist on its narrow views on what should be on it, which would not make it self-financing. Yes, let us have a pier, but don’t let Mr Maiden and his cohorts dictate what is best for the town!

David Newman