Letters: David Skerritt, December 11, 2015

King's Lynn Power Station ENGANL00120111010153340
King's Lynn Power Station ENGANL00120111010153340
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Can anyone tell me why King’s Lynn has a gas-fired power station sitting idle? It generates at its best discourse amongst the populous as this complex continues to mar the beauty of our Fenland landscape.

This power station was commissioned in 1997. It was heralded at the time to be a world leader in the field of power generation.

We were told that it had a 30-year life span and technologically it was deemed to be the “bee’s knees”. And yet half way through its projected 30-year life span it was deemed to be uneconomical due to high gas prices and hence was mothballed in 2012.

So why isn’t it generating electricity now? Gas prices are now inherently lower than 2012. Central government states that there is currently a national shortage of ‘clean’ power stations.

Plans are afoot to close ‘dirty’ coal fired power stations and to forge ahead with nuclear power generation. Do we really have a need for another “Made in China” on the Suffolk coastline?

And then there’s the King’s Lynn ‘B’ project. When, or is this going to be built? Is this going to be yet another carbuncle scarring the Fenland horizon?

Maybe it’s just my cynicism, but if the present power station is now completely unsustainable, why isn’t it being decommissioned and dismantled?

Perhaps our borough council are disinterested or perhaps enforced dismantling proceedings would be too difficult to achieve. Or perhaps the easiest method is to just let it rot!

David Skerritt

West Winch