Letters: David Tate, February 17, 2015

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Along with John Maiden and Edward Wheatley, many others across the borough are concerned with the effect the proposed housing developments will have on their communities, transport, medical and other services.

It was pleasing to see the results obtained by residents of Marsh Lane area and well done to them in persuading the council to revise and reduce its plans for housing development in their area.

Well done the council in responding to the people they represent. Too often, people feel powerless as authorities make decisions that affect them detrimentally, but following this and the incinerator, we must be heartened to see that decisions/plans can be changed if people have the will to make their feelings known. Proposals to relocate the Post Office from South Wootton were opposed and we now have a better site, which suits more of the residents.

Localism is a word bandied about by senior politicians but appeared to have little substance. I have been sceptical, but hope that things are changing.

In South Wootton and Knights Hill there are proposals to build 900 homes and residents are fearful of the impact. South Wootton Parish Council recognises that it is a pleasant place to live and some development should take place, but objects to such a large number.

If residents feel strongly they too should take action and note what Marsh Lane residents achieved.

I acknowledge that the borough has been tasked to allocate space for some 16,500 houses, but I suggest that the results show little imagination.

It would be a great opportunity to build a “new town/garden city”, utilising the best technology and sustainable buildings, not only for houses, but schools,health centres, job creation and transport.

Another option would have been to increase the size of some villages that are not sustainable communities, where schools, shops, public houses and job opportunities are in decline.

The proposals can be seen online on West Norfolk Council’s website under Local Development Framework (LDF)

Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Pre-Submission document

Section E - Kings Lynn and Surrounding Areas

Representations may be made until 5pm on Monday 23 February 2015.

David Tate,

The Birches,South Wootton