Letters: David Wright, November 4, 2016

Farming tractor spraying a field PPP-150819-135719001
Farming tractor spraying a field PPP-150819-135719001
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I hope you will allow my letter to be published in support of the Sarah Juggins column.

As a country boy I can understand most of what she has written about. I often hear people say farmers are getting this grant and that grant. Perhaps some of these moaners would like to work like some of the small farmers do now. I accept some of the big estates get a lot more money, but they have a lot more acreage.

I also cannot understand where all this EU money is coming from if we come out of Europe. There seem to be a lot of fingers in the pie for this money. But getting back to the farmers, would you like your crops to be waiting for the weather to change, sometimes to your advantage and sometimes not? I don’t think so. This country would be a much poorer place without our small farms. I say best of luck to them all. Many people might say, what does he know about it? – I did work on farms in the 1950s, helping with harvest and sugar beet in a small way in the school holidays.

David Wright, East Winch