Letters: Dawn Widdowson, July 7, 2015

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I had been enjoying a few happy days at my static caravan at Snettisham.

On the evening of June 21, I was walking my dog along the grass side of the coastal path towards Heacham when I came upon a horrible sight.

A fully grown seal had its head and tail removed and its tummy split open. It was very upsetting. Now this seal could not have made its way from the water’s edge up the shingle slope, over the coastal path and down the grass incline. A “person” did this to a beautiful harmless animal. What goes through people’s minds when they are doing such an horrific act?

I phoned the rescue organisation who assured me it would be collected. Words cannot express my horror and grief. As a former resident of Lynn I hang my head in shame that such a beautiful creature had to suffer.

Dawn Widdowson