Letters: Debbie de Spon, June 24, 2016

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jpns-28-05-16-008 sat int PPP-160527-101959001
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If you’re a woman born in the 1950s you may have discovered you will wait up to an extra six years to claim your State Pension and you may not have been notified of the change.

A Norfolk wide group called PAIN WASPI Norfolk Group are part of a national campaign to seek fair transitional arrangements for women in this age group.

Hundreds of WASPI women are travelling to take part in a mass lobby of MPs in Westminster on Wednesday, June 29, and Sir Henry Bellingham MP has agreed to meet with his constituents affected by the changes to their State Pension Age.

If you would like the opportunity to add your voice to our day in Westminster please contact us by email on pensionactioninnorfolk@yahoo.co.uk or via our website pensionactioninnorfolk.wix.com/pain

Debbie de Spon, Ashwellthorpe