Letters: Deborah Holman, May 15, 2015

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Thank you to the people who voted for me in North Wootton in the borough council elections last week.

I am so sorry I couldn’t do better! Congratulations to Lord Howard on retaining the seat for the Conservatives. No doubt, as your elected borough councillor, he will work tirelessly for you and your community’s interests within the council and within the village.

Now the election is over, please don’t forget the valuable role and service your local councillor can and should provide for you over the next four years, and, these days, it is so easy to get in direct contact with them about the issues that matter to you.

I stood for the first time in this election because I believe that democracy matters and that local politics – for good or ill – has a huge impact on people’s lives. Councillors, at parish, borough or county level, are our representatives and, whether you voted for them or not, they work for you and are accountable to you. They also need our support. By and large, they are ordinary people, not professional politicians, who for various reasons have decided to stand. Unfortunately, not enough people feel able to do that, particularly young people and women. This time round there were uncontested seats in the borough and councillors that remain in place who did not go before the electorate, ditto some parish councils.

In a democracy that cannot be right. So, if you can bear the thought so soon after the election, why not stand for election yourself next time round? I’m certainly going to give it another try!

Dr Deborah Holman

Bridge Street, Lynn