Letters: Deborah Holman, May 22, 2015

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Whilst I enjoyed the juxtaposition of Mr Abbott’s letter preceding Jo Rust’s in Friday’s Lynn News, I hardly call the former letter ‘political’ as your Politics subheading might suggest.

A man telling a woman to shut up and go away just because he doesn’t agree with her political views or her right to stand up for what she believes in is only political in the very crudest of senses. Isn’t this letter really about ‘putting the little woman back in her place’? The only answer to that is for Jo Rust to keep on doing what she is doing, as I know she will – and with mine and many other women’s support. To judge by the nastiness of some of her critics’ letters in the pages of the Lynn News over the previous year she is clearly getting something right! However, if these unnecessarily rude letters have to be printed, perhaps these should be under a different subheading. May I suggest: Rancour’s Corner.

Dr Deborah Holman

Bridge Street, Lynn