Letters: Dick Melton, January 19, 2016

Vox Pop - Hunstanton permit parking. Seagate Road ENGANL00120131109171711
Vox Pop - Hunstanton permit parking. Seagate Road ENGANL00120131109171711
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Turnstone in his article (January 5) says that it would be a good idea if Beach Terrace Road in Hunstanton was to be made into a residential area like it was when it was first built.

In the 1880s, when this area was first developed, there were four blocks of semi-detached houses in Seagate, two large houses in Beach Terrace Road and a row of six cottages (Beach Terrace). Nearly all of them were used as boarding houses. In the 1930s my mother was in service in Cricklewood, London, with a doctor and his wife as a governess to their two small children. Every summer my mother would come to Hunstanton with the family for a month’s holiday, staying in Beach House, a large very smart house on the corner of South Beach Road and Seagate. In 1967, for some unknown reason, this lovely house was demolished. I watched it being done from my kitchen window as at that time I lived at No.1 Seagate. Nothing was built on this empty site until the Oasis Centre was built in 1984, so why not have some flats in Beach Terrace and on the Kit-Kat site? £300,000 was spent on making Seagate look good but the project did not work. Look what a mess it is now.

Dick Melton