Letters: Dick Melton, June 2, 2017

Hunstanton Rail Station
Hunstanton Rail Station
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The papers are full of it and everyone is talking about it, the reopening of the railway line from Lynn to Hunstanton.

One lady says the majority of the track bed remains, another gentleman says most of it has gone. Well, there could be some old track bed between Lynn and Dersingham, but then you would have to use the bypass, not a good mix cars and trains. Then the golfers on Searles golf course would not like waiting to get a hole in one whilst the trains went by, then there is the Honeystone pub in Hunstanton. The punters would be having their lunch and sit there at the same time singing that old song, The Train Ran Through the Middle of the House. Of course, there is another alternative, that is to build a monorailalong the coast from Lynn to Hunstanton. That was suggested many years ago, but was turned down. To rebuild the old railway line is certainly a no-go.

Dick Melton, Hunstanton