Letters: Dick Melton, June 5, 2015

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I was more than interested in Turnstone’s column in the Lynn News on Tuesday, May 26, about the closing down of the old Blue Lagoon swimming pool and also the Smithdon pool.

In the October of 1967, on a Friday evening I was at a packed public meeting at the Kit-Kat to find ways of saving the Blue Lagoon. The chairman of the town council, in his winding-up speech, said Hunstanton town council would do everything within its powers to save the Blue Lagoon. Then, on the Saturday morning, all the heavy machinery moved on to the site and by the Monday evening there was not much left of the pool. It was all cut and dry. A decision had been made by the council way before the public meeting.

Now it is going the same way with the Smithdon pool. Why was there not a public meeting so that, maybe, the townsfolk could get together and save this essential commodity. Now, once again it was cut and dry – make a decision then tell the people that matter.

As Turnstone rightly says, the Oasis is well past its sell-by date so we will end up with no public swimming pool or one for the schoolchildren to learn in, then Hunstanton will be back in the same situation as it was in 1968 with no swimming pool at all.

Sunny Hunny, a seaside town without a swimming pool. Whatever next?

Dick Melton

Willow Road, Hunstanton