Letters, Dick Melton, May 12, 2015

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I was absolutely flabbergasted to read in the Lynn News that the swimming pool at Hunstanton’s Smithdon High School is to be closed down.

I know it is about 60 years old but the Oasis is well past its sell-by date as it was built to last 25 years or so and it has now been there for over 30 years so we will end up with no pool at all. The Oasis was never built as a swimming pool. It is just a leisure pool.

Hunstanton is a seaside town. We were without a public swimming pool for about 18 years and the town must not be without a swimming pool again.

All children should be taught to swim and many people, young and old, enjoy swimming and it is also very good for you.

What we need in Hunstanton is a brand new proper swimming pool, or even a lido, or both. A seaside town like Hunstanton without a swimming pool? Whatever will happen in dear old sunny hunny next?

Dick Melton,