Letters: Dick Melton, May 13, 2016

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The writer of the letter (Lynn News, May 3) about Thornham no longer being an unspoilt village is quite right.

Thornham, like many other villages along the North Norfolk coast, was spoilt many years ago. Thornham was a fishing and farming community that also had a small iron works (1887 to 1920). By 1973 the character of the village had changed and Thornham became a desirable holiday resort. There were three caravan sites, building sites cost £5,000 and humble cottages and barns changed hands for £4,000 and were turned into smart houses, mainly for weekend residents – there were 47, even in 1973.

Toney Sheppard is right – Thornham no longer is one of Norfolk’s unspoilt villages and sadly there are not many unspoilt villages left in Norfolk. It’s what is known as progress.

Dick Melton, Hunstanton