Letters: DJ Blyth, September 18, 2015

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Please, please, teachers and parents, can you get together to discuss ways to improve parking problems outside all schools in the Lynn area? South Wootton Junior School is an accident waiting to happen.

All mums and dads are stressed out every morning and afternoon trying to find a parking space outside the school. Come on teachers and parents – can’t you all get together to raise funds to open the school double gates leading to a large field where only a small area needs to be surfaced to accommodate all the cars to park safely off the road preventing child getting killed or spending the rest of their lives in a wheelchair? And at the same school, why don’t parents who are waiting for the older children to come out of school discipline and keep a check on the younger brothers and sisters waiting with them and explain how dangerous it is for them to hang upside down on the railings outside the main door of the school? One slip and they would drop straight on their heads on to concrete.

Mrs D J Blyth

Fern Road, Lynn