Letters: Don Bristo, July 21, 2015

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It’s asking a lot to expect the British public to ignore any preconceived prejudices, weigh up all the pros and cons of EU membership and then vote in a referendum for what will be the most beneficial outcome for this nation, especially since we have a parliament specifically designed to do this and make such decisions for us. This isn’t Switzerland, after all.

Even if our PM were to obtain from his European counterparts the most fantastic set of proposals for change that satisfy all of our concerns, a huge swathe of Conservative MPs will still campaign to leave the EU irrespective of the financial consequences for this nation.

Were we to vote to leave the EU but still wish to continue trading with EU nations, then we will be obliged to pay huge sums of money for the privilege with no corresponding financial rewards and no say in the policies of the EU.

Prior to the referendum one would hope that the media will adopt a responsible attitude and fairly stipulate the advantages and disadvantages of EU membership, but don’t hold your breath.

If the result to remain in the union is NO, then a certain newspaper will, with its usual display of self importance, proclaim It was The Sun wot won it. Incidentally, contrary to the understanding of some of your correspondents, Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales, a political and geographical grouping, and nothing whatsoever to do with greatness any more than it has for Great Massingham, etc.

Don Bristo